I understand injection molding quite well. How will you match a texture spec if you don’t have a standard to refer to?Talk to your manufacturer- and determine what standards they use for surface texture. Mold-tech is one industry standard for texturing parts. This way- I provide a standard for you to match- there will be no guess work. Also- depending on the surface texture, we will need to insure proper draft so the texture is not damaged as it is removed from the part. It will be unacceptable for your manufacturer to adjust the draft without approval as this can change the design of the part. We MUST know what the proper draft is BEFORE sending you parts so there are no changes by the manufacturer.The manufacturer must have a standard to refer to so they can determine if they have textured the part correctly.Please find out what their standard system is, and send me the information 求准确的中文意思


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